Tarrytown Fire Department

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"We Never Had A Fire" Redwood City Fire Department

Impressive video from Redwood City Fire Department and how they defined themselves.

Tuesday July 21, 2009 - Two off duty Milwaukee firefighters rescuing a mother and two children from a flipped, burning car.

What do you carry in your vehicle that who help you in this situation?

Wednesday April 1, 2009 - Approaching Broadway and Main?

Sunday March 15, 2009 - St. Patrick's Day

Tarrytown Fire and Sleepy Hollow Fire Department

May 14, 2001 - Patrick Barr FDNY Roof Rescue

Tarrytown Fire Department Annual Parade - Saturday August 2, 5pm

Video courtesy of Charlie Boyce

Photographs courtesy of Cathy Chulla, Clarice Pollack, Kevin Lustyik, Charlie Boyce, Debbie Allan and Craig Allan


Friday May 7, 2002, City of Fairborn, OH. Baby Chelsea Grieder Rescue

A similar video to the one below was shown at Elmsford Fire Department's Lt. Andy Fredericks, FDNY, Memorial Seminar Firefighter Close Calls presented by Chief Billy Goldfeder on January 12, 2007.

If you cannot see the video above click on the You Tube logo to follow the link

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No Seat Belt - No Excuse

Thanks to AXA Insurance for this excellent Public Safety Video.



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